Friday, June 30, 2017


Yahoo!  We finally have internet!  We also get our curtains today, which is a big deal since it is light starting around 4 a.m. and doesn't get dark until around 10 p.m. The children think this is fantastic because they try to tell us that it isn't time to go to bed.  We still need to get my visa changed, but because the office that deals in those matters is over run with refugee matters, we can't get an appointment until September. We were asked though to come and get an extention on my current visa which we will do next Tuesday and we still need to buy a car which we will do after we return from Italy.  Anyway, a few weeks ago Frank my husband had a speaking engagement in Heidelburg and we thought it would be fun to tag along with him.  It also coincided with a visit of friends of ours from Atlanta who were also here visiting family. Walking around Heidelburg brought back so many memories from when we lived there in 2012.  Addy celebrated her first birthday in Heidelburg and now she is six. The children had a blast hanging out with their friends. Our first stop was the zoo! The Heidelburg Zoo isn't bery big, but perfect for little ones in that their is just enough to see before getting bored.  The play ground is fantastic too! Since we were there last time they have added a giant pirateship.  Ivy loved the seal show Afterwards we took the bus into the old city where we ate lunch. I had a yummy curry bowl. No Bratwurst this time! We finished our day at Schmelpunkt where I love their Chocolate Brownie Fudge ice cream.   Looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Express City Center.  The room was cozy but not too small and in the morning you will find a fantastic breakfast spread of rolls, Nutella, jam, fresh fruit, yogurt, eggs, and an assortment of meats and cheeses. The staff were super friendly and the price won't break your bank.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trek 2017

Still working on getting my Germany photos uploaded; hopefully, by the end of the weekend and before we leave for 12 days to Italy.  In the mean time I will share with you another adventure Winston got to have just after we left for Germany.  Every 4 years, my church participates in an activity called Trek. My son Harris participated 4 years ago and had a blast.  Trek's purpose is to teach the youth about the early pioneers and all the sacrifices that they went through during that time period.  They really can't teach them all the lessons to be had at that point, but they get to sleep outside, pull hand carts, eat food cooked over a campfire. The fun part is that they do this all dressed up in pioneer clothes.  There are no cells phone.They assign the kids families and for 3 days they work together as a team while walking 26 miles.  Winston had a blast!  I am pretty sure he came home and took a long nap too.

                                               photo credit to David Winter

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Addy is 6

Can't believe my little girl is 6!  Some days you don't think they can't grow up fast enough and other days you just want them to stay little.  Addy enjoyed a small birthday party attended by her Oma, Opa, and some of the neighborhood children.  Addy is making friends fast!  Her Oma made her a yummy chocolate cake covered with smarties and a strawberry cake.  Oma gave her the game Halli Galli and her Aunt gave her a barbie doll. She also received a doll guitar before she left the states from her Nana and from her papa and I she got to go to Legoland here in Germany (pictures and details coming soon on this trip)  Happy Birthday baby girl!  We love you to the moon and back!  The little girl sitting next to Addy is Layla.  She was born here in Germany, but her parents are from Uganda.  She lives next door and speaks perfect English which is good and bad when you are trying to teach your daughter how to speak German.  She loves having someone to walk to school with and play with after school.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Adventures in Florida

Hi!  We are still alive!  We haven't had Internet this past month and so I haven't been able to post. Currently, I am working off my hot spot on my phone.  The past month since we have been here in Germany the children have been attending school, enjoying the beautiful weather, and making new friends.  My husband and I have been working on setting up our apartment and all that comes with moving to a new country.  Some days we feel like we have really made some progress and other days we feel like we still have so  much to do before we can really settle in and start enjoying ourselves.  I wanted to post some photos of  us since we have been here, but my card reader isn't working and so I will have to wait a couple more days until Amazon delivers me a new one.  Sadly there is no media store in the town I live in and so I had to order one online.  Back home Harris has been working like crazy and Winston went to Florida with the Boy Scouts to attend Sea Base where they learned survival tactics, fished, snorkeled, and so on, and by the looks of the photos they had a great time.

                                              photo credits to David Anderson and Christ Maycock