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Frankfurt Christmas Market

It was probably a mistake to go to the Frankfurt Christmas market on a Saturday and probably a Saturday so close to Christmas.  Today we drove into Frankfurt to go to the Christmas market to see how it compared to the Nuremberg market.  The market was jammed packed and one could hardly move.  It took my children three goes around to ride the carousel not because there were so many people riding it, but there was no clear line and so when it would stop everyone would just push and shove their way on and my girls were just not fast enough to get a horse.  Unlike the Nuremberg market, their was no children's section and if you are just happy to get  a glass of gluhwein than you are in luck.  I have to say the food was not a good either.  One booth not at the Nuremberg market was the Raclette, but I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing as the stench from the cheese was so bad that even my kids were like mom what is that smell.  We ended up leaving as soon as the girls got t…

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