Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gruneburgpark and Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

This past Saturday we woke up to beautiful sunny weather and it was just too good to pass up, so we packed up the car and headed into Frankfurt.  Roman had seen something on the Internet about Thai rolled ice cream and was begging to try it, so that was our first destination for the day.  Sadly their ice cream machine was broken.  The owner was so nice and begged us to come back again apologizing over and over that his machine was not working. We ended up treating ourselves to brownies and chocolate chip cookies which I have to say where some of the best I have ever had.   Then it was on the the Gruneburg Park where I knew the children would have a fantastic time playing. The park is gorgeous and full of life: school classes celebrating the beginning of a new school year, families celebrating their children's birthdays, a group of woman meditating by the Korean Garden,  joggers, and bikers soaking in every last ounce of summer without abandon. My only complaint is that their are not enough public toilets, and for a mom of little kids this resulted in one having an accident because she couldn't hold it.  Thankfully, I am getting used to not enough public toilets here in Germany, so I had an extra set of clothes on hand. Before we headed home we walked through the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Campus where we got our selves something to eat at the campus messe and the children had fun playing in the fountains.  Kind of kicking myself for not taking more photos of the campus as this has to be my favorite college campus here in Germany.  We saw this really cool sculpture titled Body of Knowledge by Jaume Plensa. He states," Our body is the home of the spirit. The place in which ideas live.  Our boys is a meeting place where our different experience converge, mix, and grow, creating a colossal archive.  The University is an extension of our body.  A gathering space in which people and ideas, traditions and future, meet to converse, weaving the mesh of human knowledge. Taking shape of a human body made of essential vehicles of communication , the fundamental tools."