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Neuschwanstein is the classical fairytale castle.  It is the castle that Walt Disney modeled Cinderella's castle off of when he built Disneyland.  I am pretty sure if you say castles in Germany this castle is the one that comes to most peoples minds as it is often used for travel posters and promotions of Germany.  My husband took me to Neuschwanstein almost 21 years ago when we were on our honeymoon, and I wanted the children to see it as well.  Roman wasn't that thrilled but was happy when it came time to get dessert.  Addy was beyond thrilled!  She was sad to learn though that Cinderella did not live here.  Neuschwanstein is located in the city of Fussen about 90 minutes south of Munich and around a 5-hour drive from Frankfurt or our home here in Butzbach.  The area is stunning a definitely worth visiting if you ever come to Germany.  During the high tourist season, the lines for tickets can be pretty long so I would advise going online and reserving tickets in advance.  We…

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